About Joyce

Joyce White Nelson, Principal, an established, recognized business relationship strategist, educational leader, author, business owner, and global networking expert.

Joyce’s professional experience is augmented by an MS in Educational Organizational Leadership, along with an impressive number of national certifications including positive behavioral diagnostics, mediation and negotiation, crisis management, and leadership styles.

She is particularly skilled and experienced at leading individuals, groups, and organizations through systems and policies to initiate, nurture, and sustain change as well as create outcomes that return improved cultures, personal and professional satisfaction, and increase human capital ROI.

With an intense focus on specific strategic outcomes, she uses a collaborative and customized methodology to guide entrepreneurs, executives, corporations, and organizations to solid and sustainable systems for success combined with a plan of action that results in positive methods and systems to improve customer and employee retention, company culture and positive growth. She has achieved considerable successes in a wide range of industries, for companies like Xerox, Associated Banc Corp, and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

As a business strategist, Joyce consults and collaborates globally with engaging innovators, expert thought leaders, joint venture specialists, success entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and charitable organizations. Regardless of industry, our experts focus on the processes, products, and people wihin their business, how to differentiate them in the marketplace and how to stay ahead of the curve with technology and trends tha will create positive change for the world. She is the founder and CEO of JoyceVentures, LLC.